After 20 years as a school counsellor and cultural instructor, Mah’koos retired from the Edmonton Catholic School Board in 2006. Since then, Mah’koos has traveled across Canada as a keynote speaker and has presented for Head Start, Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation, the International Association of Women Police and with education facilities including Lac La Biche, Grande Prairie, NorQuest and Grant MacEwan Colleges and the University of Alberta. When in Edmonton, he continues to work part-time with teens struggling with addiction through the Edmonton Catholic Schools.

Workshops coordinated and presented by Mah’koos include:

Medicine Wheel Training
Suicide Prevention
Team Building
Traditional Parenting Skills
Five Ways of Healing
Drum Vibes Meditations
Forgiveness, Self-Forgiveness & Unforgivable
Anger Management
Mission School Syndrome and the Ripple Effects
Art Reading & Water Colour Therapy
Traditional Story Telling, Intuition, Visions & Dreams
Aura & Energy Readings to Remove Past Blockage
Building Relationships
Vision Quest Fasting
What Does It Got to Do with Love
Fire Forgiveness Ceremony

Teachings include:

Sweat Lodge
Eagle Feather
Star Blanket

Circles include:

Finding Voices in a Sacred Circle
Talking Circle
Forgiveness Circle

Mah’koos is available for personal tobacco readings, healing ceremonies, reiki, cultural teachings and spiritual workshops.

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